Retrofit your grain bin with grain management by OPI

Grain Management is Crucial Amidst Falling Commodity Prices

In recent months, commodity prices have experienced a noticeable decline, causing concerns among farmers and agribusinesses. This trend poses significant challenges for those relying on the sale of crops to maintain profitability. In such an environment, maximizing the quality and safety of stored grain becomes even more critical. Investing in advanced grain bin management technology,

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grain moisture

Avoid Overdrying for Optimal Market Value

Overdrying corn can result in significant economic losses due to reduced weight, potential quality degradation, and additional energy costs. It is essential to have a grain moisture and grain temperature system in place to assure your investment is secure. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these costs for a 50,000-bushel bin of corn: Weight Loss and

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Free, multi grain moisture calculator

Grain Shrink and How to Minimize Losses

Grain shrinkage is an inevitable part of harvesting and storing grains like corn and soybeans, but understanding and managing it can significantly reduce losses. As you store your grain, you’re not just keeping an eye on quantity but also on quality and value. Here’s how to stay in control using the latest technology. What Causes

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OPI Blue Seed, technology for those new to grain management

OPI Blue Seed is a Game Changer for Newbies

In the world of agriculture, efficient grain management can make all the difference between a successful harvest and costly losses. As technology continues to revolutionize farming practices, embracing digital solutions becomes imperative for modern growers. One such innovative tool making waves in the industry is OPI Blue Seed, designed to simplify grain management for those

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The Advantages of CO2 Monitoring in Your System

In the realm of grain management, staying ahead of potential threats to grain quality is paramount. As farmers strive to optimize yields and minimize losses, integrating advanced monitoring technologies becomes increasingly essential. One such technology gaining traction in the agricultural sector is CO2 monitoring. Let’s delve into the advantages of incorporating CO2 monitoring into your

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EMC Calculator

Grain Storage Optimization Science

Amidst the complexities of preserving crop quality and minimizing losses, one concept stands out as a fundamental cornerstone: Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). At the nexus of grain storage optimization, EMC serves as a crucial metric, influencing decisions ranging from drying strategies to storage conditions. Let’s delve deeper into the science behind EMC and its implications

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OPI News

Laura Solberg & Brianne Borchowitz lead the Canadian Market

New Sales Leadership for the Canadian Market

Announcing new sales leadership to support our Canadian customer base. Laura Solberg and Brianne Borchowitz bring deep industry knowledge and a passion for agriculture that customers will appreciate. “Laura and Brianne are the dream team for our Canadian market customers,” says Adam Weiss, CEO. “Their combined ag knowledge and passion for customer success will help deepen

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OPI Blue Installation

Check Out May’s Subscription-Free Program

Are you looking to streamline your grain management process while maximizing profits? Look no further than the OPI Blue system. We’re offering a sales program that can save on getting you started if you buy in the month of May! What’s the Offer? When you purchase an OPI Blue system during the month of May

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Grain Management Training

Grain Management for Superior Results

In the dynamic world of agriculture, effective grain management is not just a necessity; it’s the key to optimizing yields, minimizing losses, and ensuring profitability. As farmers face evolving challenges from fluctuating weather patterns to market demands, the need for innovative solutions has never been more critical. Enter OPI Support Partners, leading providers of grain

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Product Updates


OPI Introduces Grain Quality Sensor

OPI is introducing an innovative new Grain Quality Sensor designed to assist farmers and commercial storage operators. This innovative sensor aims to detect biological activity in grains at the earliest possible stage, offering valuable insights and enabling proactive measures to maintain grain quality. The new technology from OPI detects carbon dioxide, an early indicator of

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