Managing Dry and Wet Grain

Safe grain storage is highly dependent on grain moisture and temperature, and the combination of these would determine the safe storage period and/or the spoilage risk.

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Canola Storage and Management

Heat damage in canola during storage degrades the oil quality, darkens the oil color, and increases the free fatty acid (FFA) content. You may have dried and cooled your canola for safe winter storage; however, heating and spoilage risk in stored canola is always present.

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Voice of the Customer: Aaron Foy

Aaron farms with his dad Irvin and brother Michael on the operation his great-grandpa started, producing canola, wheat, oats and barley. Grain monitoring is key to their operation – with 4,000 acres of production, it has to be. They were using StorMax, wanted to step up to an automated system but didn’t want to spend a lot upgrading bins they may not be keeping long-term.

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