Why Risk It?

Monitor, Manage &
Maintain Your Grain

Say goodbye to manual monitoring and control. Let the OPI Blue system of software and sensors handle the heavy lifting for you!

Next Level Grain System

  • Automated In-Bin Grain Management
  • Temperature and Moisture Sensors for Early Detection and Automated Control
  • Optimize Grain Quality
  • Grain Level Measurement
  • Mobile or PC Based
  • Save on Energy Costs
  • New or Retrofit
  • Customized Alerts
  • CO2 Monitoring

Save Time and Money

Streamline your operations and eliminate guesswork. Automating your system means more efficient conditioning, resulting in significant time and cost savings this harvest.

Customized Settings and Alerts

Tailor your system to your specific needs. Set personalized alerts and optimize the settings for maximum efficiency and grain quality.

Fans/Heaters for Perfect Conditioning

Integrate fans and heaters into the automated system for precise and effective grain conditioning, ensuring better-quality grain reaches the market.

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