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In 1984, OPI started with a dream to add value to the family farm. Owner, Dave Crompton, and his family constructed the first cable on their kitchen table to fill a gap in their winter wheat trials. They needed assurance that the grain quality was on par. They drew from the old English adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Thus the acronym OPI was born: Ounce of Prevention Insurance. And from humble beginnings came a proven technology.

Decades later, with the support of valued partners, the mission ofd perfecting the art of in-bin grain management continues. OPI empowers over 25,000 customers in over 75 countries to ensure every grain gets to market. Inside the walls, it employs talented visionaries that unite technologies latest innovations and agriculture.

Changing the Story

Adding value to the family farm and contributing to the sustainability of the global population is of vital importance. Whether on a farm or within the commercial market, the state of stored grain serves as a barometer for overall performance.

Maybe you have or know someone who has lost a bin to spoilage. Worse yet, maybe you’ve lost a friend or family member who entered the bin to clean it out. Or you are delivering grain too soon or too dry and losing valuable earnings. OPI aims to eliminate losses with technology.

Fear not, we offer grain storage management for every type of grower. Tech-adverse or technology-driven, we have a solution to fit your operation. From handheld access to full automation, explore the OPI Value Escalator to see where you are comfortable getting started.

We invite you to grow with us as you learn the software and discover untapped value! Our team and global partners are ready to help.


OPI incorporated, introducing the first Western Canadian on-farm bin monitoring system.


Developed automated monitoring and alarm system capability.


Introduced the OPI GIMAC PC-based monitoring alarm and control platform.


Pioneered digital sensing technology into the grain storage industry.


Developed insector insect detection technology.


Customer Care program launched to support customers to gain maximum benefit from their system.


Pioneered in-grain moisture sensing technology.


30 years of grain monitoring expertise placed in the palm
of your hand via wireless/ solar technology and app based remote connectivity through OPI BLUE.


Introduced CO2 sensing technology and OPI Blue Lite handheld.


Introduced OPI BLUE Lite, an intuitive new handheld device.

Value Escalator

Meeting You Where You Are.

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